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How To Care For Your Stained Concrete

blue stained concrete

Stained concrete can make your Atlanta home or business look stunning and unique. Of course, like any installation worth getting, your stained concrete isn't exactly "set it and forget it." Rather, it will take a little bit of care to keep it looking and functioning its best. Luckily, the care is simple

Get a Sealer

That beautiful concrete staining will be reduced to a scuffed, fading, and -- frankly -- unsightly mess in little time at all after years of foot traffic has worn away at it. Before you flat-out bar anyone from walking across your beautiful new stained concrete, consider getting a sealer for it. A sealer will both bring out your stained concrete's colors while protecting them from the unavoidable daily wear-and-tear.

Follow the Manufacturer's Maintenance Schedule

concrete stained

Like any installation worth getting, your stained concrete will also be worth maintaining -- at least if you want to keep it looking beautiful and new for years to come. And to be sure you're providing the best maintenance for your stained concrete, ask your installer what maintenance routine you need to adhere to with it, as he or she will know how to best care for it

Have Your Floors Waxed

Of course, not all the work you'll provide for your stained concrete will be as heavily involved as routine maintenance and applications of sealer. Sometimes, it can be simple yet still effective, and one of the simplest and most effective things you can do for your stained concrete is to get it waxed regularly to maintain its colors and beauty.

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